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Wiz Khalifa Taps Gage Cannabis to Expand Brand in Michigan

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By now you’ve probably heard of Wiz Khalifa’s multiple ventures into cannabis including his hand-picked hybrid and brand Khalifa Kush (KK), as well as his line of potent KKE Cannabis Oils. After launching the brand in several states in Canada and several states in the West, the rapper is setting his interests in the Midwest.

In a July 7 press release, Gage Growth Corp. (CSE: GAGE) announced its exclusive partnership agreement with the Grammy Award-winning artist Wiz Khalifa’s brand, KK. What that means is that Khalifa Kush products will be sold throughout Gage provisioning centers throughout Michigan.

The rapper explained that he only does business with companies that align with his values. “We are excited to partner with Gage for our first expansion into the Midwest, and to finally release KK to my fans in Michigan,” said Khalifa. “From day one of Khalifa Kush, we have only partnered with people we align with, who focus on customer and quality over everything, and Gage is one of the best.”

The arrangement includes a grant of license to certain intellectual property to produce and sell KK branded products in Michigan, and is of course subject to Michigan regulatory approval. KK will consult on cultivation, distribution, branding, consumer engagement and other operating responsibilities, according to the release. The initial term of the license agreement is five years on an exclusive basis, according to Gage.

“Wiz is a globally-recognized cannabis connoisseur. KK has had incredible success in other U.S. cannabis markets, establishing a brand that is synonymous with ultra-premium quality,” said Fabian Monaco, CEO of Gage. “We are confident that this partnership will allow Michigan to become a unique cannabis destination in the near future.”

Gage’s portfolio includes city and state approvals for 19 Class C cultivation licenses, three processing licenses and 14 provisioning centers throughout Michigan.

KK products have been sold in the U.S. since 2015. By moving into recently legalized cannabis markets, the company has reached success. KK sells a full product line of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and concentrates, and is available in select markets including Nevada, Arizona and Utah. 

When the rapper launched KKE Cannabis Oils, he focused more on potency than on other cannabis oil companies. The oils were produced from flower of the Sensi Star strain cultivated by Supreme Cannabis subsidiary 7 Acres in Canada.

Learn more about the upcoming Michigan launch and shop apparel on the Khalifa Kush website.

Wiz Khalifa is a Daily Smoker

Like his fellow mentor Snoop Dogg—Khalifa is all about kush on a daily basis.

“I usually smoke in the studio, like in the outside room or something like that, or in the lab while I’m recording,”Khalifa told High Times in 2016. “I’m just walking around smoking everywhere. At least I could if I wanted to—it’s just that I don’t really feel like it anymore.”

Khalifa didn’t become a star overnight. In fact, he achieved only moderate success during his early years of performing—at least until his mixtape Kush & Orange Juice propelled him into superstardom. He would earn a number one album, Blacc Hollywood, several number two albums; and two number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Even with that level of superstardom, Khalifa has been attacked for his love of the leafy herb. In 2017, he merely pretended to take a hit off of a joint after throwing out the first pitch during the Pirates’ final home game at PNC Park in his native hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even though Khalifa is considered a hero to most Pittsburgh residents, they attacked him on Twitter, calling him a “class act” facetiously.

Khalifa didn’t take long to immediately take advantage of legal cannabis markets in several states to sell what he loves most—weed.

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