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How to Get a Cannabis Business License in New Mexico


How to Get a Cannabis Business License in New Mexico

New Mexico offers 10 different types of cannabis licenses and economic projections predict that adult-use cannabis sales could total to as much as $318 million in the first year alone! Carlos N. Martinez from Legal Solutions of New Mexico joined the show to discuss New Mexico’s cannabis market, applying for a license in New Mexico, and water rights laws. Here’s what you need to know about getting a cannabis license in New Mexico.

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Cannabis Legalization News Footnotes:
0:00 – Start of Cannabis Legalization News
3:02 – How to apply for a cannabis business license in New Mexico
3:50 – Is it a conditional license?
4:45 – When can you apply for a cannabis license in New Mexico?
6:29 – How to apply for a cannabis business license in New Mexico online
9:22 – New Mexico’s water rights laws for cannabis businesses
11:50 – How many people can get a cannabis license in New Mexico?
12:50 – Are license fees refundable in New Mexico?
15:38 – How’s the cannabis community in New Mexico?
18:00 – New Mexico cannabis taxes
22:15 – Can you have a vertically integrated cannabis business in New Mexico?
35:30 – MSOs in New Mexico
37:50 – New Mexico cities can’t opt out
39:25 – Cannabis Business Licenses in New Mexico
41:25 – Startup costs for cannabis licenses in New Mexico
45:05 – Social Equity in New Mexico
51:00 – CPS in New Mexico
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