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GHA – Education Series Q&A Discussion (Oct 7, 2021)


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Join Mandi Kerr, Edgar Winters, Margaret Flewellen and Dr. Paul Rushton on this episode of GHA – Education Series.

Guest Speakers Background:

Edgar Winters
CEO of Winterfox Farms LLC
His lifetime of education in farming led him to start Winterfox Farms, a genetic breeding facility and experimental station for various cannabis cultivars. His passion is to have true American strains for each farming system, whether for food, fiber, or CBD’s and have consistency in the finished product. He works with companies such as 22nd Century Group Inc., KeyGene, and LPC Naturals, leading their research programs at Winterfox Farms as their lead Breeder. In 2014 Edgar Winters received the first Oregon Issued Hemp License in 77 years.

Margaret Flewellen
CEO at Natural Good Medicines
Margaret is the owner and chief formulator of Natural Good Medicines LLC, which started as a natural skincare products producer, specializing in hemp as a key ingredient. Every product that she creates is researched to ensure that it is the best nature has to offer. In addition to providing high-quality products, Margaret’s work focuses on ensuring there is a place for the farmer to take their crops, “After the Harvest.” With over 20 yrs. experience her knowledge is vast in the area of hemp, from the seed, cultivation, harvesting and processing, all the way to the end consumer product.

Dr. Paul Rushton
President and Chief Officer at LPC Naturals
Paul is the President and Chief Scientific Officer at LPC Naturals. Previously he worked as a Vice President and Associate Professor levels and has his own biotech consulting firm – Cambridge Biotec Consults. Paul specializes in manipulating biochemical and signaling pathways including cannabinoids, terpenes, drought responses, disease resistance, nicotine, and other agronomic traits. He has a wide range of skills including target gene discovery, synthetic biology, promoter technology, high throughput phenotyping, systems biology, and various extraction techniques.

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